Are Paid Surveys (Actually) Worth It?

06-06 23:35

Imagine a world where you could make a decent full-time income – or even enough cash to cover your weekly beer fund, by filling out online surveys.  Sleep in, and take surveys between watching the kids or looking at videos on YouTube.

That’s a pretty sweet dream…

What’s more, there are plenty of online survey websites presenting it as reality.

Most of these websites entice new members to register for survey sites with eye-catching estimates of how much they can earn per hour. It’s commonly suggested you could earn up to $15 per hour, just for sharing your opinions online. There have even been reports of survey-takers earning upwards of $35 per hour.

Perhaps you’re seeking the answer to these questions before you take the leap and begin registering for paid survey websites.

And so you should…

After all, there’s little more frustrating than putting time and effort into helping a business, only to receive far less compensation than you expected. These scenarios leave you feeling robbed, cheated and foolish for wasting your time on such a worthless pursuit.

Rather than feel like that, read on for a full investigation of whether paid surveys are worth your time. 

However, most sites discussing paid surveys taking and whether it’s worth it, fail to take into account a very important fact: the more effectively you use your time, the higher your hourly rate will be. 

Most of the estimates given by online survey companies don’t account for the time wasted on activities other than filling out surveys.

The biggest time suck is the minutes wasted on surveys that you are unable to complete. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as technical glitches, triggering bot alerts or there being no demand for answers from your demographic.

These problems occur far too often within some websites. In fact, it has been estimated that your average earnings could drop as low as $1-2 per hour, once these delays are taken into account.

That’s why it’s highly recommended to research which survey websites are rated the highest. Not all of them are created equal.